Sunday, July 10, 2011

Men Short Hairstyles | 1960s Mens Hairstyles

Many of 1960's hairstyles were in transition from the long hair of the 1950s and headed the ripple and to seek control of the hippie era. Before the start of the hippie stage that occurs at the end of the 1960s the beehive was incredibly popular for women. This was a simple, elegant styling that keeps the hair from her face with front and side sweeps and reverses specific hair at the tip. Turns were incredibly popular and is used with the collaboration of many different hairstyles as well as their own. If you had shorter hair or long hair turned this great look was always a sure thing.

In regard to male hairstyles of the time the Beatles were becoming more popular and therefore, the hairstyles of the men and the lengths began to grow more than the average haircut from previous years. Men were more long and straight hair style very similar to the Beatles during this time and when the 1960 was coming to an end the era hippie and get your hair even longer and more out of control!

It's amazing the pain of these women and men during this time spent to create hairstyles for the next day. There was no hairdryer in hand and had to sit on monster hair dryers at least an hour and sleep with rollers in her hair the size of Coke cans all night! Many women actually had to sleep sitting up to make sure.

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