Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan

Rose to fame when Lohan turned to acting and landed several major film roles, most notably the re-Disney trap and Friday terrible parents, and certainly from the United Nations and Disney, Tina Fey, bounded by the average film girls in 2004.

Like most actresses, a beautiful young woman, and Lohan was anointed by the media as the "next big thing." Unfortunately, this backfired on her, and began to Lindsay concerts, using drugs, and get in trouble with the law, and gain a reputation around Hollywood for being a singer who showed up to set late and hung up. To make matters worse, life was Lohan's house disintegration. Jerkass her father was alcoholic, and those who verbally and emotionally abused her on several occasions, when the highlight being sent police to her house for no reason and tried to justify it by claiming he was doing it just to "check on them."

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